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Non-Traditional Coaching for Teachers

I worked as a classroom teacher for many years. The main feeling I have about those years of full-time teaching? Never enough time. I had so many dreams, ideas and goals for my teaching and my students, but the amount of work and the intensity of the job made it too hard to get it all done in a way that felt good. It was painful to keep falling short of my vision.

Traditional instructional coaching trains teachers with a specific curriculum and approach in mind. Often they are evaluating teachers as well, which can bring some tension to that relationship.

There’s a place for this type of coaching for sure, when it is done skillfully. I provide teachers with a different kind of support:
- I help them set and meet their own professional goals and focus their planning.
- I provide them with a confidential, nonjudgmental space to reflect on their teaching.
- I help them prepare materials for their classes, so that they have more energy to give to their students.

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Planning Partner

An experienced thought partner for planning new curriculum or adapting existing curriculum to meet the needs for your students.

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Curriculum Assistance

Assistance with preparing for class: slide decks, hand-outs and instructional materials, and subject matter research.

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Safe Space for Reflection

A confidential space to process the week’s events at school and reflect on your teaching practice with curiosity and compassion.

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