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Marie Schumacher

Marie is a musician, performance coach, creativity consultant

Throughout my life, I’ve had a passion for helping people tap into their creative energy and find their true voices.


Early in my career, I earned an MA in developmental psychology and taught in middle school for 7 years. This was my initiation into trusting the process and centering the learner within it. For me, the best part of this work was the search for what mattered to my students, and how I tap into it to spark their learning.


I became fascinated with how people grow and what motivates them at every stage of life. At the same time, my desire to take my musical life to a new level was growing.


Eventually, a new hybrid career emerged. I wrote songs, brushed up on my guitar and piano skills, put together a band, and performed throughout the West Coast. I also started PDX Vox, a community music school focused on a cappella singing. I directed an a cappella group as an undergrad at Harvard, and I wanted to bring some version of it to singers of all levels. The result is an accessible yet rigorous program, where singers can take chances and make mistakes in a safe environment, while learning and eventually performing a set of captivating arrangements. It remains a dynamic musical family for many singing Portlanders.


Since then, I’ve worked with a wide range of organizations to provide program management, education and curriculum, fundraising support, and operational leadership. These include PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, Caz Northwest, Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers, Central Catholic High School, and Arts for Learning Northwest.​


More recently, I’ve focused on individual and small group coaching, in music and beyond. I’ve trained with several coaching programs, including the Co-Active Training Institute, Eric Maisel's Creativity Coaching, Bright Morning Consulting, and Positive Intelligence. I help my clients unlocked their creative potential and bring greater purpose and focus to their art, their work, and their lives. This is deeply rewarding work that inspires me everyday, whether it comes in the form of artistic expression or other creative energy.

Marie writes songs, plays guitar and piano, performs with her band

Marie performing with her band at The Old Church in Portland, OR.


PDX Vox logo

PDX Vox, Portland's Community A Cappella Program

Caz NW logo

Caz Northwest, an all-ages performing arts camp on Puget Sound


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