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Are you a musician, writer, artist, or maker who wants to take your work to the next level? Creativity coaching is especially beneficial to artists and creative professionals who want to thrive in their creative process, but who could use a boost to get inspired, get organized, or get stronger.

My approach to coaching is to use powerful questions and a process of exploration to help you:

  • Get clear on your vision for the future

  • Stay on-track with an action plan

  • Open up new thinking that serves you well

  • Improve your confidence and manage your inner critic

  • Strengthen your voice and sense of purpose

  • Make concrete changes right away

I also provide music sessions in singing, songwriting, arranging, performance and recording. 

Life Design and Career
Creativity Coaching for artists of all experience levels and art forms
Life Design & Career

​I'm a teacher at heart, and I have worked with adults and with children at every grade level, as a classroom teacher as well as a teaching artist. While the bulk of my education work has revolved around music, I've developed and taught curriculum in Personal Development, Psychology, Parent Education, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Math, Science and Reading. 

If you are a teacher, you know that it is an all-consuming activity that requires a wide range of skills. I am committed to supporting you in whatever way will enable you to stay optimistic, purposeful, and curious. I aim to lighten your load in the short run and give you space to clarify your purpose and protect your creative vision. In addition to coaching, I can do research, prepare slides and hand-outs, and save you time behind the scenes, so that you have the energy to show up for your students.

Portland Thorns wings of inspiration

Are you an entrepreneur or nonprofit leader with management challenges? Drawing from my own experiences founding, leading and growing a social enterprise and managing other business and nonprofit ventures, I understand the large and small challenges you face. Together, we will develop strategies and solutions tailored to your unique circumstances, driving your organization toward success.


Past projects with clients have focused on:

  • Group facilitation and team strengthening

  • Strategic planning

  • Hiring, onboarding and training

  • Employee feedback and performance evaluations

  • Managing a team of part-time staff and contractors

  • Succession Planning

brainstorming with post-its

Monthly Artists' Circle 

Group Coaching  for Artists and Makers

Are you working on an artistic project and could use some gentle accountability to stay the course? Or are you wanting to make more time for music, writing, dance, theater, or a visual art or craft?

Either way, I invite you to get on track with your artistic plans and expand your circle of support through my one-year group coaching experience for artists of all types, starting in March.

The Monthly Group Coaching Sessions include:



  • A round robin check-in and discussion: how's your artistic life going?

  • A 15-minute presentation that explores a theme related to creativity and artistic work.

  • Time to reflect on the theme on paper, then share your ideas with a small group.

  • A 10-minute closing activity where we set intentions for the month and activate a mindset for success.

When: 1st Thursday of every month, 6:00 - 7:00 PM Pacific time. Next cohort begins on September 5, 2024.


Where: On Zoom


Cost: $300 for 12 meetings. 

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